At one point or another, most of us have had a recurring dream. I am a very avid dreamer, so I have quite a few dreams that will have the same sort of subject. The one that happens the most is a dream where my teeth are loose, or actually start falling out. I spend most of the dream trying to keep my teeth in my mouth, and it is always incredibly stressful. Last night I had this dream, but I lost FOUR teeth, and I've never lost that many at once before.

I have NO IDEA why I keep having these dreams, but I decided to Google it and see what the heck it means. Apparently, it is not an uncommon dream to have. According to one website, there are many negative reasons why you would have dreams about your teeth falling out. These include personal insecurities, anxiety about a sexual experience, a costly compromise, life changes, and the fear of becoming older. There are also some positive reasons, like personal expansion, a need to nurture yourself, a call to look at your support system, and an invitation to explore loss and personal growth.

Do you have any recurring dreams? Share yours below!