This weekend I took a little trip to Des Moines to visit Adventureland, and before we came back to Cedar Rapids, we made sure to stop at a very well-known restaurant over there!

I honestly wasn't really sure what to expect from Adventureland. I had heard good things about it, but I also grew up going to the king of amusement parks. Being from the Detroit area, my version of a vacation was going to Sandusky, Ohio, the home of Cedar Point. I wasn't really sure how the two parks would compare. It's safe to say the two parks are very different, but they are both fun!

I liked Adventureland because it wasn't crazy busy. It's a lot smaller than Cedar Point, and that means very short wait times for rides. Waiting less than an hour and a half for a rollercoaster was a real treat! I think the longest wait we had was for The Dragon, and it was only about 15 minutes. The food was also very affordable, which is a huge plus. Not paying $7 for french fries was a real treat. As far as the rides go, they aren't anything like the coasters at Cedar Point, but I enjoyed them, nonetheless. Adventureland is geared more towards younger kids, so I think it's a fantastic vacation option for families. Especially because it's so close! And before you ask... no. I did not ride The Log Ride. I know, I know, it will be gone next year, but I just didn't want to walk around the rest of the day totally drenched. The line was pretty long for the one, though, so I think a lot of people were taking advantage of it before it's gone! The scariest ride that I rode all day was the ski lift. I hate those things! You can slide right out!

After about 3 and a half hours at the park, we decided to drive 15 minutes to downtown Des Moines and try out ZOMBIE BURGER! It was the best part of the whole day! I definitely took advantage of my cheat day. I got the "Walking Ched" burger, which came with FRIED MAC & CHEESE as the BUN! It was unreal! I have pictures of both Adventureland and Zombie Burger in the gallery below.