I skipped a movie from my list last week because of Jason Aldean's show on Saturday night, so I made up for it last night by watching a 90s comedy! I've heard, "OH MY GOSH YOU'VE NEVER SEEN BILLY MADISON?" about 100 times, so I finally decided to watch it on Netflix!

Billy Madison (1995)

Adam Sandler hasn't really come out with any really good movies lately, so it was fun to watch a movie where he was actually funny. I love quotable movies, and this was definitely one of them! I don't mind stupid humor, so I found it to be really entertaining.

My favorite part of the movie was the ending when the bad guy was pointing a gun at the teacher, and then he randomly gets shot in the butt by Steve Buschemi. When Adam Sandler said, "Man, I'm glad I called THAT guy," I was laughing out loud. So funny!

It wasn't my favorite Adam Sandler movie, by any means (Big Daddy is my absolute FAVORITE), but I did enjoy it.

Do you have movie recommendations for me? Leave your suggestions below!