Another week over - another movie watched! For last week's movie I chose a classic that I've never seen, but one that everyone always raves about. Based on Stephen King's story "The Body" - I watched Stand By Me (1986).

I think this is one of the first REALLY good movies that I've watched so far this year. The acting was incredible and the story was thrilling. The four 12-year-old boys are such unique and developed characters, I was totally hooked. My favorite character was definitely Chris Chambers. I love that he has this bad boy exterior, when deep down he's a really sweet kid and a really good friend to Gordie. I was DEVASTATED when they said he was dead at the end of the movie.

The scene with the boys running from the train was so stressful to me. I honestly thought that one of them was going to die. And the scene with the leeches was so horribly gross! I couldn't even watch!

Overall, I absolutely loved the movie, and it makes me want to watch more movies that are based off of Stephen King stories. Could Shawshank Redemption be next week's movie? We'll see!