This past weekend I watched a third movie off of my New Year's Resolution list Tommy Boy (1995). I've been yelled at SO MANY TIMES for not seeing this movie, so I finally took the time to sit down and watch it. Here are some of my thoughts:

Youtube via Paramount Movies


Now, I know Tommy Boy isn't the most prestigious movie in the world, but I did really enjoy all the mindless humor. I had NO IDEA that "fat guy in a little coat" was from this movie. Not a clue. My favorite scene was when Richard and Tommy were on the road trying to sell the brake pads, and Tommy set the model car on fire on the desk. I also really enjoyed the part when Tommy completely screwed up the car door at the gas station, and Richard opens it up and it falls off. "WHAT'D YOU DO?!"

It was a really dumb movie with a predictable ending, but I totally loved it and I was entertained throughout the entire thing.