It was a busy weekend, but I didn't forget to check another movie off of my list! I went for a Patrick Swayze classic!

I watched Dirty Dancing for the 11 millionth time this weekend, and while doing so, one of my friends recommended another Patrick Swayze movie, Roadhouse (1989).

I CAN'T BELIEVE it took me THIS long in life is to watch this movie! It was so hilariously bad, but SO GOOD. I love Patrick Swayze and I thought Sam Elliott was just fantastic. The fight scenes were just so entertaining. I love watching Patrick kick everyone's butt. It's even better when he does it shirtless.

The only complaint I have is how TOTALLY unrealistic the end of this movie is. He killed like 4 people and then nothing happened! Everybody just says, "I didn't see nothing." In WHAT WORLD would that be a good excuse to get away with murder?! And that's not even counting the guy he had killed the night before! Did police just totally overlook that?! Everybody just lived happily ever after? And Doc just MAGICALLY became ok with Dalton murdering a guy right in front of her?! I'm so confused. Still loved it, though. I probably could've done without all the boobs, but what are you gonna do?

I really want to go roundhouse kick some jerks in the face now.

If you have any movie suggestions, do be afraid to leave them for me in the comments!