I've been watching so many 80s movies lately, Netflix has started leaving me a ton of 80s movie suggestions! So, as you can probably guess, this week's movie is another one from that decade.

Can't Buy Me Love (1987)

As far as 80s movies go, this one is pretty standard. It was very much like I expected it to be, but it was still fun to watch. Nerdy guy becomes popular, falls from grace, and then everyone magically accepts him for who he really is (yeah, because that's how high school really works). You've got your stereotypical nerds, stereotypical cheerleaders, stereotypical jocks, and the stereotypical nosy little sibling... they've got all the categories covered!

I was SHOCKED to see that Ronald was played by Patrick Dempsey. SHOCKED. I can't believe how young he was in this movie! By the way, he was just as cute then as he is now. Way to go, Patrick!

Some of the outfits in this movie were absolutely ridiculous. I have a hard time believing anybody ACTUALLY wore any of these articles of clothing, especially Ronald's outfits. Plus, a $1,000 suede outfit? Seriously?! Unreal.

Speaking of Ronald, I knew that the movie would have a happy ending, but I was still pretty angry with him when it was all over. He was a TOTAL d-bag. It was awful! I can't believe Cindy forgave him! I did really enjoy her sassiness, though. She wasn't afraid to smack someone or pour a milkshake over their head, which I really admired.

Next week I'm going to try to watch something NOT from the 80s. Have any suggestions for me? Leave them in the comments!