The Cedar Rapids Police Department has this reminder for Door to Door Sales.  They must be Licensed.


CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – May 21, 2014 – The Cedar Rapids Police Department would like to remind citizens that anyone who sells goods and services door-to-door must be licensed. A criminal background check is required before the application is approved by the City Clerk and Police Department.


Each person conducting business must obtain their own license.  Everyone going door-to-door is required to carry the issued permit, which contains a photograph of the individual.


The Police Department has received some recent complaints about door-to-door sales of lawn care products, satellite or cable television products, and alarm systems.  This is an opportunity for the Police Department to encourage citizens to request that they see the City license before doing business with a door-to-door solicitor.  Citizens should never feel like they have to answer the door for a solicitor, invite a door-to-door salesperson into the home, or feel pressured to make a purchase.