Last night was certainly a wild one across Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas. This morning, we're seeing plenty of damage and branches down. And as more could be coming the rest of the week, we join many media outlets asking for your pictures. And it's not because we're nosey, it's actually quite important.

I took the chance to drive around and survey the damage this morning, seeing trees uprooted crushing cars and houses, roofs blown off, and branches everywhere.  I made sure to park in a safe spot, and walk over to the impacted areas, and had the chance to talk with neighbors.  Obviously, when storms happen, we're all curious of "how bad was it."  It's the same thing we do when there's a car accident... we "rubber neck" and gawk.  Problem is, it gets in the way, not just blocking traffic where there's not much room to get through, but preventing crews from working too.  All in all, our curiosity creates more problems.

Over the next few nights, we have more chances for a repeat of last night. Which means we're expected to see plenty more of the same.  Especially with the ground so saturated, if we get the winds, expect to see more trees uprooted, and branches crashing down.

So keep sending in your photos, WITH LOCATIONS, so we can post them for everyone to look at from the safety of your computer/phone/tablet/etc. Then, avoid those areas impacted so crews can help our neighbors get their lives back to normal. Already been seeing plenty of neighbors helping neighbors today. Awesome!

Lots of damage on the SW side of town, as Alliant is reporting that's where a bulk of the damaged power lines are. This map shows the area reflecting the most damage, with unconfirmed rumors of a tornado.