"It's all fun and games... until someone gets hurt."  How many times did our parents say that to us? In return, how often do we say that to our own kids. The problem is, with social media today, what seems like fun and games by way of a challenge, is becoming life threatening.  Parents take note: If you hear your kids mention a "Challenge", get involved, quickly. Even something as simple as the ice bucket challenge quickly escalates when people think it's a great idea to dump a cooler of water over a balcony, as the cooler slips out of their hands onto the subjects head. Accidents are happening, and the consequences have proven severe. Here's some of the biggest offenders you need to be aware of.

  • Dewshine

    What It Is: In the age of energy drinks, kids have started to get "creative" to make their own. In this case, the idea is to mix Mountain Dew with Racing Fuel (or simply gasoline).

    Reading this, your jaw drops thinking how could anyone think drinking gasoline would be good for you, diluted or not.  It's a horrible idea... and yet kids are doing it, and ending up in the hospital or worse.

  • The Duct Tape Challenge

    What It Is: Friends will duct tape your entire body to see how long it takes you to break out.

    While it sounds relatively safe, caution is being thrown to the wind as kids aren't watching their surroundings. When you're wrapped up, you can't brace yourself when falling to protect you from corners, hard surfaces, etc. Just the other week, the story went national of a 14 year old who nearly died.

  • The Choking Game

    What It Is: This is exactly what you think. Kids use their hands, or another device to literally choke themselves to get a buzz or high.

    The dangers here are obvious, as depriving yourself oxygen is about one of the most ridiculous things we can think of. Yet, kids have been doing this "for fun" for years, and many of times with dire consequences. As numerous people have stated, there's no learning curve. If you go just a little too long, it's too late.

  • Car Surfing

    What It Is: Kids stand and "surf" on moving cars.

    This problem with this "game" is that the kids believe there's no danger if the car isn't going that fast. However, it's done high up over a hard surface, creating a greater risk. Their physics studies on force might also show them that a quick stop will transfer all that energy from the moving car to the surfer, propelling them forward or backward at a rate much more than 5 miles an hour.

  • The Cinnamon Challenge

    What It Is: Kids challenge each other to swallow a spoonful of powdered cinnamon without water.

    This seems harmless enough, as it's just cinnamon. However, the spice almost instantly dries out the inside of the mouth, and doesn't dissolve easily. Initially there will be dry mouth, coughing, and possible vomiting. In some cases however, enough of the powder has been swallowed to cause lung collapse requiring ventilators. Imagine if the child tried this with no one around just to make a "fun" Youtube video.

  • The Gallon Challenge

    What It Is: A person is challenged to drink an entire gallon of milk in an hour without vomiting.

    Like the cinnamon challenge, teens are thinking it's just milk, so no big deal.  Unfortunately, the body can't handle that much milk, and the consequences are equally unpleasant, from vomiting to diarrhea, cramps, and more.

  • Chubby Bunny

    What It Is: This common party game involves stuffing items, usually marshmallows, into your mouth one at a time until you can no longer say the phrase "chubby bunny".

    You might have seen something like this at Blue Man Group. It seems harmless and fun, as it's just marshmallows. However, as it becomes a challenge, and each person tries to one up the other, caution gets thrown out the window. The game has led to numerous choking deaths.