Need a little more holiday spirit this season?  There's a number you can call just for that.  In fact, the number has been around 55 years. It's a University of Illinois tradition called Dial-A-Carol.

Since last Thursday, students are set-up 24 hours a day, ready to answer the phone and sing you whatever song you'd like.  And while I had no clue it existed (even having best friends who went to the University of Illinois), it's quite popular.  This year alone, they had received over 5000 calls by day three.  Their previous year-end record was 6863.  However, as of Monday, they have a new record.

And they still have till midnight tonight!

So pick up your phone at work today, and give them a call.  But good luck trying to stump them.  They've apparently heard, and sung, them all. The number is 217-332-1882.