Do penguins have knees? That's the question Iowans googled more than any other state. The answer, by the way, is yes, they do. The clever folks at wanted to look at what questions are being asked on Google and how they vary by state. What they discovered was funny and depressing at the same time!

Using Google Autocomplete, they compiled hundreds of the most commonly asked questions that Americans type into Google. To be clear, the list does NOT represent what each state Googles the most. It just shows what searches they do more often than any other state. Are you ready? Let's get weird!

Iowa - 'Do penguins have knees.'

Arkansas - 'Who won the Civil War'

Texas - 'Where is the internet'

Wyoming - 'What is Wyoming'

Michigan - 'Is Mr. T dead'

Missouri - 'Am I psycho'

You can find out all the crazy questions we ask by state HERE.

[via Estately]