A recent poll took the temperature of Iowans regarding highway truck lanes. Selzer & Co. polled the good people of the Hawkeye State to determine their views on creating semi truck-only lanes on our interstates. Over 70% favor the creation of dedicated lanes.

Seems like a good idea on roads that feel more and more like race tracks. These big rigs could use additional clearance. On I-80, officials are looking into the addition of a third lane in both directions in the median. I did a double-take on that note, but it does seem plausible. The crash-retaining barriers would be a tighter fit in the separation of the traffic flow.

Cost will, of course, be a main point in the consideration of this move. Plans to make the St. Louis-to-Kansas City corridor on I-70 a three-laner were stalled by an estimated cost of $4 billion. That's a 200-mile stretch. Maybe Iowa would consider shorter spans in the heaviest traffic areas to bring costs down.

Semis can have a maximum weight of 80,000 pounds. That wins vs. my 2-ton car. A little space would be a good thing.

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