The City of Cedar Rapids isn't likely very happy with the Iowa Department of Transportation's report on traffic cameras that was released this morning.

Cedar Rapids is being told to remove two I-380 cameras. One each on the northbound and southbound sides of the interstate. The cameras are located northbound near J Avenue and southbound near 1st Avenue. The DOT says they should both be removed because they're "beyond most of the area of concern." That is a reference to the S curve through downtown Cedar Rapids.

The DOT also says the other cameras above I-380, near Diagonal Drive and J Avenue respectively, need to be moved so they're a minimum of 1,000 feet from a lower speed limit.

The red light camera at 10th Street and 1st Avenue East also has to be turned off. The reason? It also is used for speed detection and doesn't conform to the rule of 1,000 feet, if you will.

The City of Cedar Rapids can appeal the ruling by the DOT. They have 30 days to do it, and you can bet they will.