There's too many times I sit in the studio overlooking downtown, and see people driving the wrong way down a one way, or on the other side of the street on a 2 way.  It's just dangerous.  No matter how many signs are posted, the downtown is confusing for outsiders (especially with the many construction projects), causing frustration among locals, and dangerous for pedestrians and bike riders. But that'll soon be changing. We've been hearing talk about the big one-way to two-way conversion, as well as starting to see that happen. Starting soon, perhaps the biggest part of that conversion project will be getting under way.  In the coming weeks, road resurfacing will begin as you approach downtown on 2nd and 3rd Avenues. For 2nd Ave, work will be occurring between 6th St SW and 1st St SE.  For 3rd Ave, work will be between 6th St. SW and 3rd St. SE. During the resurfacing, we can expect lane closures and the expected traffic headaches, especially around the bridges.  However, by sometime this fall, these roads will be fully complete, turning them into two way roads, with bike lanes added, and enhanced pedestrian crossing markers.

Other conversions will also begin soon on 4th Ave. from 5th St. SE to 19th St. SE, and on 8th St SE from 4th Ave SE to 12th Ave SE. We'll keep you posted as we know more.

Do you think the conversion is a good thing or an awful idea? Comment below.

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[VIA City of Cedar Rapids]