Looking out the window over downtown Cedar Rapids, it looks gorgeous.  Step outside however, and it's freezing...again!  Looks like we'll be back in the negatives again tonight.  However, this might be over, VERY soon. Have you seen the 10 day forecast?  Make sure you're sitting down.

After the frigid, record breaking temps that seemed to never want to end, it looks like we might be in store for a warm-up finally coming through. And not just a light warm-up either, but something significant.  We're talking near 60 by Wednesday, if not sooner.

Lea Adams - Thinkstock

Yes, you read that right.  Now granted, it's a 10 day forecast, and a lot can change by then, but I'm excited.  After all, we ended February with 3 nights of record lows (on the 23rd, 26th, and 27th), and the arctic "Siberian air" seemed like it never was going to end.  We won't be setting any records if we DO get there, but it will be well above the normal temps for this time of year, which is certainly great news, unless you love all the snow and ice.  Of course we'll never forget the SaPaDaPaSo parade of 2012, and the 7 straight days of record highs into the 80's. We don't think we're quite headed in that direction...

Minimally, it looks like once Friday hits, we'll be in the 40's, and seem likely to stay there.  Looks like we may finally be in the clear.  Fingers crossed.

Now to go see if my shorts still fit.