Anyone who uses Edgewood Road on a daily basis knows it's been a near nightmare for almost the past year as you approach Highway 100.  Starting tomorrow, that tension eases, as the bridge reopens.  Well, kind-of.I know, this is pretty exciting news. I use that intersection almost every weekend, and it's frustrating every single time, if not a bit scary a confusing when you don't regularly travel through there.  As such, I try to avoid it as often as possible, and I can only imagine how those of you who have to pass through it daily feel.  What's more exciting is the project is finishing a few weeks early.  That alone is something to cheer about.

Before getting too excited though, we should probably add that this isn't a full bridge opening.  For the time being, only single lane traffic will be open on the bridge as the paving process continues.  In other words, the rush hour commute really won't be any better. Also, on and off ramp changes will start happening soon too, so watch for those, as be careful, as we're sure any additional changes will continue to confuse the unfamiliar, kind of like me.

While the project isn't finished yet, every bit of good news is a good thing.  Happy summer travels.