Yesterday was National Radio Day.  We'll bet you didn't know that.  All the DJs in the building got together to celebrate it by making a video of either the why/how we got into "the biz" or one of our best stories from our radio years. Enjoy!

I lied by the way.  Been in the biz since almost 10 yrs now... how time flies!

Since I gave you the "how/why" in the video, I'll give you my best radio stories too!  There's a couple.

  • Best radio experience I ever had was the summer of 2012's KRNA Rockin' the River event.  I was given the station photo pass and had all access to be up on stage, with the bands.  Considering many of these were bands I had grown up with, admittedly, this was pretty sweet.
  • First gig: Mornings on a Soft Rock station in bootheel Missouri, waking people up with Enya, Sarah McLachlan, Celine Dion, and Michael Bolton.  Try staying awake to that, especially when your only a few years out of college.  I'd actually train my brain to stay awake and know the end of a song, while I'd take a quick nap through it.  And the listeners, or boss, never knew the difference.  BTW, I'm a night owl, so mornings are tough enough as is.
  • One thing I said I'd NEVER do in radio, was country and bluegrass.  I eventually succumbed to the realization country would be okay.  However, Bluegrass... no way!  Then I got a Sunday morning show, where once a month, Bluegrass the the feature for 2 hours, and it was all on me to create the playlist.  It was easily one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had in the biz. I put all my passion and energy into each show, and the phones were insane, praising what I was doing and just talking to me about the music, artists, whichever, that I was quickly learning about.  They thought I was an expert... little did they know my inexperience.

While I'm glad to be back into pop music, and have never listened to Bluegrass since, I definitely have a different appreciation for it.  It's also reminded me WHY I love this industry.  The chance to interact with the listeners and add just a little more excitement, joy, whatever emotion, into their lives.