After some amazing #Hawkeye sports seasons from Basketball, Football, and Wrestling, this is a headline we did not want to see. However, it is happening, as Federal agents are launching a widespread civil rights investigation into the U of I Athletic Department, according to documents released yesterday.

According to reports, numerous allegations have been pressed against the University stating the athletics department does not provide equal opportunities for females. Thirteen different areas are being looked into, including participation levels, scholarship awards, practice and game schedules, as well as tutoring services, medical attention, housing and dining. The actual on-campus investigation will start April 11, at which time the locker rooms, facilities, and equipment will all be under review. At that point, they'll also be conducting interviews with Athletic Director Gary Barta, administrators, and the coaches and players on all 24 teams. In a statement, Barta said he "looks forward to sharing information about our programs and values." The agents have currently been reviewing thousands of documents provided to them.

For many Hawkeye fans, this unfortunately does not come at a surprise. Back in May, four women's field hockey members filed a complaint after the firing of their coach, Tracey Griesbaum, launching an investigation by the Civil Rights office. A second federal complaint, alleged to be related to the first, was filed in September.

What happens if evidence of discrimination is found? There's numerous things we might see, including policy changes, a redistribution of funds, and the addition of more women's sports. However, federal investigations like these can take years.

[VIA The Associated Press]