To a kid there is nothing better than summer vacation. But even kids know it can quickly get boring. For me, growing up in an era without video game systems was no big deal. Instead we would make frequent trips to the library, and pick up a new batch of books.

It's true. We read books for pleasure all the time, and developed a passion for reading that has continued our entire lives. It's one of the greatest gifts we can give our kids.

That is why we are excited to support Half Price Books and their campaign called FEED YOUR BRAIN.

Half Price Books knows that keeping kids hungry for learning is essential to continued academic growth. So they are proud to sponsor the Feed Your Brain Summer Reading Program. It’s running now through July 31 at all Half Price Books locations.

Keith Levit


We know that reading comprehension can suffer over the summer break. The FYB Summer Reading program is designed to keep kids interested and engaged while having fun and earning rewards!

  • Kids from Preschool through High School can earn Bookworm Bucks
    • 8th grade & under read 15 minutes/day, log your minutes, reach 300 & claim your Bookworm Bucks!
    • High School kids read one book/month, write a short review, claim your Bookworm Bucks!


As part of the celebration, the Biggest Storytime of the Summer Kick-Off Event is this Sunday, June 5 at 2 p.m. all Half Price Books locations.

Click here and Feed Your Brain for locations, details and program materials.

And enjoy a summer of reading adventure, especially on those gray and rainy days ahead.

[source: Half Price Books]