The world is in love with a new artist and a new song that is tearing up the charts quickly.  You may have heard it in a car commercial too.  No surprise why, as it's a great song, and incredibly empowering. My kids and I belt out the anthem sporadically all day. But I got to thinking, what is it really about?Take a look at the lyrics: small boat on an ocean, one match but can make an explosion, friends are worried, missing home, in too deep, prove I'm alright,  screaming, can you hear me...  So there's been a lot of guesses.  For me, I'm naturally thinking a bad relationship. Others have championed the song in their fight against cancer and so many other diseases.  The chorus just fits so well.  Are any of these the real meaning behind the lyrics?  Nope.

The artist, Rachel Platten wrote the song in reference to her struggles as a singer songwriter.  She hit that stage in life where you're at a low point, wondering if you're doing the right thing.  She had released her debut album in 2011, and things looked great.  But then, it went nowhere, and she lost her management, her label, her support, and the self doubt hit.  And the song came from there.  It was the song that kept her from quitting the industry altogether. And because of it's success, it proves all the struggle was worth it, and now more than ever.  Check out how her dreams came true the night she got to perform it with Taylor Swift.

She was asked recently if the song has changed meaning now that she's been hearing all these stories of how it's inspired others.  Her response was simply that every time she performs the piece now, she's inspired by those stories, so yes, it has NOW changed the song, that her personal Fight Song, is now so many others 'Fight Song'.  As an artist, it doesn't get much better than that I'd imagine.

How has the song inspired/moved you?

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