Do you remember what was happening in Cedar Rapids early last June? There was a lot of hype and excitement around something "coming" on 6.11.15, thanks to some billboards on the US Cellular Center. And the speculation was rampant, thinking casino news, water park, or maybe even a basketball team or something. Than on June 11, it was revealed that there would be a new Professional Indoor soccer team coming, and the reviews were mixed.

I admit I was skeptical, as I'm not a big soccer fan. However, after big soccer stories like Linn-Mar and Xavier taking State titles, and the US Women winning the World Cup, there was no doubt soccer's popularity was on the rise in Cedar Rapids. So, maybe this would work out, especially when a couple local guys were recruited to the team.

So I became a part of the action, by way of joining as the PA announcer. Before I knew it, I was hooked. Me, a guy who hadn't looked at soccer since 3rd grade, was now drawn in and committed to a sport I too knew nothing about, and still honestly know little about. But I couldn't help it, as it's easy to get hooked, with fast paced action, the party-like atmosphere with music playing the whole time, and the showboating. Plus, the game play is very similar to hockey, including the intensity and "disagreements" between players. And I'm not alone in my addiction. The fanbase is very loyal and growing. I've talked to many as they exit, and almost every single person has exclaimed how much they enjoyed themselves.

But here the thing... TONIGHT is the last home game for the season. If you haven't checked them out, this is your last chance until October. And right now, the team is HOT, thanks to some recent new acquires, meaning the energy and excitement is even better than it's been. But again, it's your last chance tonight. With tickets starting at just $9, it won't even break the bank for over 2 hours of true excitement and entertainment.

I don't write this as an employee of the Rampage, pleading for you to join this. I write this instead as a converted skeptic who is now hooked fan. I hope you don't miss out tonight.

Cedar Rapids Rampage