Summer is about to kick into high gear. Heat and humidity has taken hold and an excessive heat warning has been issued through Friday night. For most of us, that means that the air conditioning will be running nonstop for the next few days. But what about people without those comforts? Where can they go?

Linn County Emergency Management is reminding residents that during the heat wave, people can seek relief at a designated heat relief location. A heat relief location is a place where people can go and get out of the heat during it's peak hours, usually until around 9 p.m. For a complete list of the locations just dial 2-1-1.

Linn County heat relief locations include both branches of the Cedar Rapids Public Library, Lindale Mall, Marion Public Library, Hiawatha Library, and the Hiawatha City Hall. Emergency Management also urges citizens to check in friends, neighbors, and relatives who are especially susceptible to the heat.