Free is good, right? Not necessarily. Something tells us there won't be a lot of takers for these shall we say "interesting" items.

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    Concrete Chunks on Curb

    You read that right. They're free and they're on the curb. Pick 'em up at your leisure. The ad mentions that they're great for weight in the bed of your truck. Well, there is that.
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    Boppy Pillow

    No cover included. Look closely at the photo and you'll wonder if a cover was ever on it. Yikes.
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    Carpet Scrap

    A 23-inch by 49-inch thing of beauty. The post mentions they've had problems with lots of people responding to posts but not actually showing up to get them. We'll go out on a limb and guess that won't be an issue with this gem.
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    The description of this beauty... please note we use beauty very loosely... is that it's a "one-of-a-kind couch/sofa/ sleeper/ hide a bed/ eye candy!" The owner's grandmother had it for 30+ years... and may have sat on the left side of the sofa (your right) the entire time.
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    Faucet Light

    Turn your faucet into a light show! Unique to say the least, it claims to help keep kids from getting burned. The color changes with the temperature, warning of danger. Fun, but why not just turn down the water heater?