Growing up, my family was never much for garage sale shopping.  And as a kid, I sure hated the words "garage sale" as that meant it Mom would soon be forcing me to clean my room to get rid of stuff I no longer played with.  However, for my best friend's family, the words "Garage Sale" had a very different meaning. For my buddy, going to Garage Sale was a family ritual, and was a way they bonded on the weekends.  They loved creating their weekend routes, and would all pile into the car almost every Saturday morning to see what treasures they could find.  It was a world I never understood, and was stunned the first time he asked me to join them. I didn't know how to respond, but was kind of curious, so I went along.

I must admit, I was opened to a "new world" of experiences and excitement.  Upon arriving at a house, there'd be the slow "drive past" to see if they even wanted to stop.  And if we did stop, the treasure hunt began with everyone going their separate ways. I think each had their own budget, but after a little hunting, I remember the family having a quick pow wow to go over their finds and make some final decisions before moving on.  I learned their was quite the system to deciding what garage sales to hit based off the ads, and what to look for and what to avoid.  It was also crazy at what unique and interesting things you can find.  One man's trash can seriously be another's treasure.  It was really something to be a part of their happiness and celebration is finding some pretty cool things to add to their collections.

Since that day, I've never looked at garage sales the same way. I've hosted a couple garage sales over the years, and I always see this repeated, with different families, and I just have to smile.  Its great how something some of us don't think much of can be such a memorable and bonding experience for others.  We hope to see many families bonding over their treasured finds at the World's Largest Garage Sale Saturday morning.  Remember, if you're a KDAT VIP, you can get in 30 min early. Click below to find out more.