Business Insider recently put together a list of the BEST pizza places in each state, and now I'm SERIOUSLY hungry!

These aren't your typical, huge chain restaurants, these places are more unique to each state, and were chosen based off of expert reviews and local recommendations. Let's start with the best pizza in Iowa!

If you want to try the best pizza in Iowa, you will have to head to Des Moines. Gusto Pizza Co. is supposedly where it's at! Their pizza was voted best local pizza by Des Moines CityView. I think I'll be stopping by the next time I visit the city, just to try it out.

I also took a look at my home state of Michigan, and I am SERIOUSLY disappointed in myself, because I've never been there! I've heard the name Buddy's Pizza about a million times, but I never got around to trying it. It has been named best pizza in Michigan, and has made several lists for best pizza in the country! It's safe to say I'll be headed there when I visit home next month.

Here are some of the other winners in surrounding states:

  • Missouri - Pastaria
  • Minnesota - Punch Pizza
  • Nebraska - Dante's
  • Wisconsin - Zaffiro's
  • Illinois - Lou Malnati's

Do you agree or disagree with these? What's your favorite pizza place in Iowa?