While the rest of the world watched the Halftime show yesterday ready to add the quick social media critique, another family was watching for the quickest glimpse of their daughter. She wasn't performing, or just watching. She was working, and making history doing it. And she's an ISU student.

Each year, the Superbowl looks for grounds crew interns to help take care of the field, and co-ordinate the quick set-up and tear down of the halftime show. In the past, 2 other ISU students have been chosen. But this year was different, as it was a history making choice when Junior Georgeanna Heitshusen, was chosen, as she became the first woman in the the history of the program. #GirlPower anyone?


Georgeanna is studying horticulture and turfgrass management, and is a major part of the team that takes care of the turf at Jack Trice Stadium and Bergstrom. In fact, she's the only woman on the crew. So being spotlighted, isn't necessarily new to her.  But to be given a chance to be a part of something this big, it's something she's taking not just as a gift, but as a larger message to all girls anywhere, that they can have the career they want, no matter what it is. Even if that dream is turf management, a choice she admits surprised her Dad. No doubt, her family was filled with pride when they got the news.

Congrats Georgeanna on the honor! Thanks for being a great role model too. We hope you enjoyed your time.