Pirates, fairies, and flying. It's one of the best fantasy stories of all time, about loving childhood and "never growing up". The whole family loved it live on TV. Now, we want you to enjoy it on stage. Need tickets?

Playtime Poppy is back with "Peter Pan Jr. - The Musical" at Linn Mar High School March 5-7, with 6 shows over those 3 days.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again... we are SO LUCKY to have such a great children's theater group in the area like Playtime Poppy. The kids love the character interaction each show has, including the ever popular post-show autographs. My kids can't wait for each show, cause they're so much fun. And, the parents love that each show is never longer than an hour.

Whether a big fan or a first timer, don't miss this show. Being just $3 a ticket, it's well in the affordable range. But even better, get your Poppy Punch pass and save a couple bucks. You can also register below, where 5 people will win 4 passes each. Register to win today using the form below. (Contest ends at midnight -- on Wednesday, March 4.)