Happy Earth Day!  All this week, as we celebrate Earth Day, we're looking at ways to be more environmentally friendly.  Yesterday, we took a look at travel tips.  Today, we're looking at things you can do around your home.Check back each day for more great tips!

Also be sure to join us this Saturday at NewBo City Market for EcoFest! Learn more Earth friendly tips, while enjoying family fun activities, music, movies, art, and more.

  • Make your home an Energy Star!

    When you do home maintenance, also do a home energy audit to find out how you can save money by making your home more energy efficiency. And if every American home replaced just one conventional light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb, we would save enough energy to light more than 3 million homes a year.

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  • It's electric!

    You can check how much of your electricity comes from renewable "green" power sources, such as wind or solar. Green power produces less carbon emissions, reduces air pollution, and helps protect against future costs or scarcity of fossil fuels. If green power is a consumer option, check price differences from suppliers before you buy. Click here to see how much of your energy comes from "green" sources.

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  • Maintain It!

    Keep your appliances in good working order and follow the manufacturer's suggestions for operation and maintenance. Shop for products with high consumer satisfaction and fewer breakdowns. If kept in good working order, your appliances should last a long time and not end up as waste before their time.

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