We've been celebrating Earth Day all this week with environmentally friendly tips, as we count down to today's Eco-Fest at NewBo City Market, and all around the New Bohemia District.  So far we've looked at travel tips, water consumption, and some general tips for around the house, in the yard, and at school.  Today, we wrap up the series by looking at the 3 R's: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.Be sure to join us  at NewBo City Market today for EcoFest!  There will be plenty more Earth friendly tips to learn, while enjoying family fun activities, music, movies, art, and more.

  • eCycle it!

    Take your old computer, DVD player, or other electronics to an electronics recycling center. Reusing and recycling materials like copper, gold, and others saves natural resources and reduces mining and processing. eCycling also helps avoid land, air, and water pollution by capturing and reusing hazardous substances such as lead or chromium.

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  • Don't trash it - reuse it!

    Be creative as you look for new ways to reduce the amount or kinds of household waste. Give cardboard tubes to pet hamsters or gerbils. Plant seeds in an egg carton. Make a flower pot out of a plastic ice cream tub. By thinking creatively, you will often find new uses for common items and new ways to recycle and reduce waste.

  • Just bag it!

    Help protect the environment when you shop. Keep reusable bags on your car seat or near your door so they are easy to grab when you go. And you can even combine shopping bags - just tell the cashier that you don't need a bag, then put all your purchases together in one bag just be sure to hang on to your receipts!

    Getty Images: David McNew