We've told you many times about all the great businesses in Cedar Rapids.  Well there's one who has time and again gone above and beyond for their employees, and Saturday night, that came true again!  If you remember last year, GoDaddy brought Snoop Dogg to town, a complete shock to everyone.  And while their headquarters in Arizona has been doing this for 10+ years (with artists like Kesha, the B52's, ZZ Top, Lynrd Skynrd, Jewel, and Kid Rock), Saturday marks only the second time Cedar Rapids has hosted such a party, with perhaps one of the biggest names in pop music, PITBULL, in town.

If you're wondering how you missed the news, and the chance to get tickets, you didn't.  We talked with a GoDaddy employee, Katherine Castillo, who reveals only 8-10 local people knew before Mr. 305 stepped out on stage.  And as this is the GoDaddy employee Christmas party, only GoDaddy employees and guests are allowed.

So while downtown was PACKED Saturday with Mannheim Steamroller, The Nutcracker, the Fire and Ice Parade, and Shrek the Musical, there's were also plenty of loud beats being cranked out from the Double Tree.  Those is the Mannheim Show figured it was a wild wedding, while residents at the Roosevelt though maybe an earthquake or something was brewing.  Nope!  Just GoDaddy throwing a HUGE party.

So we ask again, like we did last year:  Does your employer do this?


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