Following last week's tragic events, Iowa City resident Jamie Miller organized an event this weekend to help raise spirits.

"We went through 5 cases of water, 2 cases of Red Bull, 40 Fruit Snacks, 20 Suckers, 10 DOZEN flowers, and 2 dozen hugs, and 10 packages for the homeless."

That's a quote from my friend Jamie Miller's Facebook page, after she and some of her friends made the news for spreading some love in Iowa City on Saturday. After the tragedies in America this past week, Jamie wanted to help spread some happiness during a time when things seem to be at their worst. She told KCRG:

"I felt that there’s a lot of tension happening right now in recent events and there’s a lot of hate and there’s a lot of negativity going back and forth politically and personally between a lot of groups of people."

Not only did they hand out physical items, including hugs, but they also had a puppy present for people to pet. Because who doesn't love puppies?!

Jamie also told KCRG that people were shocked by the effort, and this was her advice:

"I think if we all hop out of our bubbles and talk to each other and talk to our neighbors, ask if they needed help how they’re day really was and be genuine about it I think that a lot of things can change and I think it’s important.”

Jamie, you ROCK. I hope to be a part of this the next time you decide to do it. It's little things like this that we need more of, because everybody could use a little extra kindness in their lives. Spread some love today, friends!

[Via KCRG]