This is probably the most unfair trade in all of history.

Have you ever been so hungry that you traded your iPhone 5 for some pizza?

Yeah, me neither.

Allan Banning has, though. He was at a music festival in his home country of Scotland when he made the trade. His Facebook post has gone viral, and has even made its way to Twitter, where it's gotten thousand of retweets. This is what the post said:

"If anyone on here is selling an iphone 5 or better please let me know... Swapped mines at titp this week for a bite of pepperoni pizza. If you're not selling one feel free to leave a wide comment, regards."

He didn't even get a FULL piece of pizza, he got a BITE. ONE BITE.

He later tweeted that he had no regrets and, "The pizza was outstanding and I would do it all again.”

I hope that was the most delicious piece of pizza of all time.

[Via Yahoo News]