Halloween is coming up quick, meaning a night of sugar crazed kids running around.  It strikes fear into the heart of Dentists, and us parents who have to calm down that kids who certainly doesn't need all that candy.  If you'll have your porch light on and door open for the kids, don't feel like you have to feed that sugar rush. Kids like all sorts of things, some more than candy.  Here's some alternate ideas for you.

  • Pencils

    Granted, this might not be the most creative idea, but it is certainly a lot more useful than candy. I think this year, the pencils we sent my son with to start the year were all "holiday" pencils.  I know all our homework pencils are.  It does make learning a little more fun than that same old boring yellow deal.

  • Temporary Tattoos

    For some reason I'm not sue of, kids LOVE temporary tattoos.  I know I've settled many a sibling argument over who gets what tattoo from their Halloween candy bags over the years.  I really think sometimes they're far more excited about the tattoos than the candy.

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  • Handmade Bracelets

    If you have little ones around, creating the fun bracelets to hand out creates some fun bonding time.  Make it creativity unleashed as well.  It could be beads strung together, or laced down a pipe cleaners.  Maybe interwoven jelly bracelets, or something more similar to the 'hot loops' bracelets of the 90's.  Kids also love their rainbow loom bracelets, or standard friendship bracelets.  And all kids love bracelets for some reason.

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  • Costume Additives

    The kids all look great in their costumes, and they love wearing em, as they simply love playing 'dress-up'.  So why not add to they fun, for the year round play time continuation? Give out eye masks, pirate patches, fake mustaches... the list is endless!

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  • Bargain Bin Toys

    When was the last time you picked up a copy or Oriental Trading magazine or the likes?  You can get huge amounts of toys, in bulk, for a reasonable price (because it's in bulk).  It's the type of stuff they get so excited to get out of dentist or doctor toy bins. It's what you use to stuff birthday party fun bags.  It's the stuff that they love for a bit, then ends up at the bottom of a toybox till the next cleaning day. But it's a toy, it's fun, and it's not candy!

  • Glow Sticks

    What kids doesn't LOVE glow sticks.  And when we're talking Halloween, your giving them an accessory, jewelry, and a safety device all in one.  That's like a huge win.  Best yet, you can buy a tube with a whole bunch of them at most craft stores for next to nothing.

  • Healthy Snacks

    If you do feel like handing out something edible, consider a healthy option.  Something like raisins, granola bars, pretzels, goldfish crackers, cereal bars, trail mix, and even baby carrots or popcorn. Worst case, you can hand out sugarless chewing gum, which Dentists don't mind as it encourages saliva production, to wash away some of the sugar from the other candy.