Bill Pugliano, Getty Images

It's disgustingly cold outside, which means it's a perfect day to honor one of my favorite arctic animals - the polar bear!

February 27th happens to be National Polar Bear Day, which I feel is very appropriate because it's also one of the coldest days this year. I'm a HUGE polar bear lover, and I've seen them in person many times at The Detroit Zoo. The Detroit Zoo has this awesome exhibit called 'The Arctic Ring of Life' where you can walk through an underwater tunnel and the polar bears swim all around you, as you can see from the pictures above. It's SERIOUSLY cool. If you ever find yourself in Detroit, it's a great place to take the kids.

So, in honor of National Polar Bear Day, I've found some fun facts about polar bears you may not know. Here we go!

  • Humans are the only predators of polar bears
  • A full grown male weighs around 1400 pounds and can reach 10 feet tall
  • Polar bears tend to overheat more than be cold
  • They are so strong that they can kill an animal with one blow from it's paw
  • Polar bears can swim up to 100 miles at a time
  • They are NOT white! Their hairs are actually see-through, so they just reflect light.
  • Additionally, if you were to shave a polar bear completely you would find that their skin is black, because it absorbs heat from the sun
  • Eating polar bear liver can kill you because of an overabundance of vitamin A

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