Earlier today, the cops were called to Harding Middle School as a "war" was about to break out.  And while there'd be winners, losers, and even "casualties", everyone was excited for the occasion, as the real benefit would be the community!  And the day's hero, would be a surprising underdog.Today was the day of the 7th Annual Cops Vs. Kids Dodgeball match.  Over the past 7 years, the "war" has taken place at the Harding Middle School gymnasium.  And this year, yours truly was honored to be invited as the emcee for the event.  Now this is more than just a new spin on one of your and my favorite gym class activities.  It's actually a fundraiser to support the CRPD's K9 unit.  And over the previous 6 years, the event has raised over $12,000 to support the unit and help the officers keep the community safe.

Cedar Rapids Public School District

The first team up would be the 8th graders headed by captain Brock H.  They were ready to go with crazy costumes, and an aggression unmatched by any other team.  They were also roughly 60 students strong.  Unsurprisingly, they overwhelmed the Cops and took the first win of the day.  The aggression was not the same for the 7th graders under Captain Bo, or either 6th grade team: the Chargers, under Captain Chris or the Black Magic, under Captains Kelsey and Jason.  Although the efforts were great, they just couldn't contain the Cops.  However, no team other than 8th graders have apparently beat the Cops in the past.

Next team up was a mixed group of all grades called the "Rabbid Rovers".  While the Cops were definitely more aggressive, this mixed team has some durability, and a couple players were still standing as the 10 min time limit max expired, and the team settled for a draw...which was a major feat!

Cedar Rapids Public School District

As the rounds started over, once again the 8th graders reigned victorious, while the 7th graders, and 6th grade Black Magic team just couldn't get the upper hand despite amazing effort.  And then, we were down to the final match.  One more team of very excited and determined 6th graders, set to make history with the first ever win by a team that wasn't 8th graders.  Almost instantly, something was different this time.  The 6th graders took an early advantage as they refused to sit on the back row, but rather charge the line.  And as the crowd grew louder, and louder, cop after cop was eliminated until... HISTORY WAS MADE!  Unbelievable!  For the first time in 7 years, a non 8th grade team was...and it was the 6th grade underdogs!  Amazing what that Charger spirit and a little determination will do!


A fun event that the public is always invited to, for a great cause, can't wait till next year! And a big thanks to all who came out and supported the event this year!

Catch the video highlights courtesy of KCRG.