Americans will consume an estimated bazillion cans, bottles, and glasses of beer this 4th of July holiday weekend. Those numbers are only estimates, as the actual amount depends on how good the sales are this week at the grocery stores, and how many relatives you invite to your family picnic.

I kid, of course. But let's face it, we Americans LOVE our beer. While the trendy "micro-brews" have their pricey places in our hearts, the affordable all-American beers are still the winners by volume when it comes to mass consumption in the USA.

And yet, for all of the Miller's, Bud's and PBR's that have survived and thrived in the ever-changing American beer landscape, there have been many brands of suds that have come and gone, fallen by the wayside over the decades.

How many of these long-forgotten American beers do you remember? And how many have you actually ever tasted? Let's start with this most patriotic beer of beers:

This one is from my hometown, Detroit:

The jingle sang: "When you're out of Schlitz, you're out of beer!"

I love the story behind this long-forgotten beer:

This beer obviously had "dual-citizenship"

Here's a genuine beer from Pittsburgh

Another great Midwest beer, this one from St. Paul, Minnesota

This oldie but goody will take you back.

And from the great state of Texas

President Jimmy Cater's brother Billy brewed this one in Georgia in the 70's.

Remember the good old Red, White and Blue?

This was known as  "America's Oldest Beer"

From New York, this one is so old, even I don't remember it!



Yes, this is legit. Back in the 70's when the "generic" trend first began, all types of products were labeled with this very basic lettering:


From the great state of Washington:

Falstaff. With the worst slogan ever.

Another couple of Detroit relics:


If you've tasted 3-4 of these brands: Bravo, you are a true baby boomer who fortunately still has most of your brain cells left.

If you've tasted 5-8 of these beers: Wow, you were the "instigator" in college. Always making a beer run and always buying the cheap stuff.

If you've tasted 9 or more of these beers: Consider yourself lucky to still be here. Most of these beers were really, really crappy. They were the cheapest, worst tasting beers known on earth. Most went out of business after it was determined (by a panel of my drinking buddies) they were unfit for human consumption (unless it was all that was left in the fridge).