How awesome is it that we have hockey here in Cedar Rapids?  And another great weekend to head out to The Stable, as your Rough Riders are in action tonight and tomorrow!  We'll be there, especially with these deals!

Tonight they take on Green Bay, and it's mascot night, which is always a good time, cause who doesn't love the various mascots around town?  Ya know your kids do!  It's also another Little Caesars Family 4 pack night (4 purple tickets/4 slices of pizza/4 sodas), so it's not so bad on the budget.

Tomorrow, we'll be in the house for High School Night, as the Riders take on Chi-town.  Just show your valid HS ID for discounted admission and the post game jersey auction.  And if ya see me walking around, don't be shy, let me know who you are.  Might have something for you...

And cause you're reading this, I'm guessing you love hockey.  So don't forget to register for the "Skate of a Lifetime".  Just become an i107-1 VIP, which is FREE to do, and you could be on a flyaway to Chi-town to catch Chicago take on Pittsburgh, outside, at Soldier Field, on March 1st.  Make sure you get registered here!

So grab that cowbell... and we'll see ya at the Stable this weekend!