At some point, everyone has an interest in zipping off to Vegas for the weekend. And then the dilema... will a weekend be enough? After all, there's the gambling, the shows, and some sightseeing... so how long is a good Vegas trip?After staying "too long" once myself, I might have some help.

No doubt, Vegas is fun, even if you're not a big gambler like me. From the elaborate buildings, the over the top shows, to simple people watching, and the overall party atmosphere. (Writing this makes me want to go back.)  There's quite a bit to do, but I caution you, you can easily have "too much" Vegas.

Backstory: I had a 3 day business conference in Vegas over a weekend years ago. Coincidentally, my friends were planning a trip there the following weekend. So I figured I'd take the best of both worlds, and have my wife come join me during the in between, meaning a little more than 7 days in Vegas. Sounded like a dream, even for the non-gambler.

Problem is, being my first trip there, many of us on the business trip explored the city, then the wife came, and she wanted to see everything, so we did it again. Then the friends came... and we did it again. I quickly realized 3-4 days, a "Vegas Weekend", is more than enough time. We did catch a couple of shows, rode some rides, did some gambling, caught the Bellagio fountains and Treasure island Pirate Show, saw the White Tigers, lounged at the pool, shopped, and walked the strip like 5 times over. YIKES!

Again, I can't wait to go back, just for a shorter trip. There's just something about that city!

Don't forget, you could be headed there, ON US, catching Lady Gaga perform, AND getting $500 cash to create your own Vegas Experience. $500 can go a long way in Vegas too!