There will be some crispy competition at Baconfest on Saturday, September 20 as our Home Chef Cook-Off contestants try to impress our three judges with their bacon-inspired dishes. We salivated at all of the bacon dish ideas that were submitted by aspiring home chefs and have managed to narrow down the competition to 15 contestants. Without further ado, your 2014 Cedar Rapids Baconfest Home Chef Cook-Off Contestants:

  1. Karen Sauerby
  2. Debra Fry
  3. Stacie Kempf
  4. Jim Doyle
  5. Soloman Hahn
  6. Tiffany Westmeier
  7. Mark Weiser
  8. Jeremy Jones
  9. Tim Cornwell
  10. Staci Greene
  11. Tony Riedl
  12. Bill Legrand
  13. Robin Cecil
  14. Barbara Reed
  15. Luke Peters

One of these contestants will take home the grand prize worth $250! Tickets for Baconfest are on sale now so get yours today and we'll see you at NewBo City Market on September 20!