When it comes to holidays and kids, I think the things that make the best lasting memories are the traditions.  And in our house, there's one that outweighs the rest for St. Patrick's Day, and that the creation of the Leprechaun Trap.

Does your house participate in this creation?  Honestly it wasn't anything we knew about until my daughter kept talking about it I believe back in Kindergarten, if not pre-school, in the town we used to live in.  They'd make traps at school, hoping the next day they caught the leprechaun, who dastardly caused chaos in the classroom, leaving quite a mess in his wake.  Since we moved, unfortunately, leprechauns are apparently banned from the school. However, they are more than welcome in our house, and so traps must be created.

As you should know, if you are lucky enough to be successful in catching the deviant, you get a wish granted, if not some of the little guy's gold. So we keep trying.  Last year bought about the creation of a maze, which was quite the project. This year, due to time constraints, the kids were given the chance to create their own, with little assistance from my wife and I, and their creativity went wild.

Nathan, my days away from 6 yr old son, decided to create an apartment, with a door high up, and a false floor, so he'd fall down and not be able to get up.  To add to the trap, he decided to put in a duct tape floor. Then comes the bait, with gold coins to attract the leprechaun.


As for my daughter, she also came up with the idea of an apartment/house for the little guy/girl, complete with a hallway and bathroom with Barbie bathtub. Her hope was the leprechaun would become so comfortable in the bath, it wouldn't want to leave.  I helped her add a trick floor like her brother, and a trap door once in the bathroom.

Unfortunately, I am very sad to say we did NOT trap the mischievous little guy, however our elf on the shelf came back for a visit and got stuck on the tape floor of my son's apartment building.  We also ended up with quite the mess in the house, with stuff all over the floor, wall hangings all switched up, and pictures all flipped backwards. However, we also got all sorts of "green" prizes, including mint oreos, Lucky Charms, green drinks, and buckets with other green items including "gold" rolos. Yummm!


I did take video, which will be up shortly. Now to start planning for next year.