Yahoo News came up with a list of some odd jobs that can actually make you a lot of money, and the results are pretty surprising.

  1. Hot Dog Vendors - If you have a prime location, you can make around  $100,000 A YEAR. It's pretty much because you can crank up the prices to $3 a dog, when it really only costs about 50 cents to make. The downside? If you want to get a REALLY good spot, Central Park for example, you have to pay $200,000 in fees every year.
  2. Air Traffic Controller - If you're ok with high levels of stress and a mandatory retirement age of 56, then this is the job for you! The average salary is $119,000 a year though, so it could totally be worth it.
  3. UPS Delivery Man - If you work as a FedEx driver, you are making an average of $40,000 a year LESS than the UPS guy. The average salary is $77,000 a year. If you can pass a physical fitness test, this would be a pretty good gig!
  4. Professional Golf Ball Diver - If you know how to scuba dive, you could be the guy to fish golf balls out of ponds and resell them. In Florida, you can make up to $100,00 a year. You do have to deal with alligators, though, and bacteria... and several people have drowned...

I'm thinking of starting a Nacho Stand in NYC, anyone want to give me $200,000 for start-up?