As a kid, I remember spending countless hours sketching out my "Super Amazing Dream Home." It's the kind of thing that you never totally get over. It was all about secret passages.

With each home I've owned over my years in radio job changes, I've always wondered how I can incorporate these thoughts. Some have been left in the past, like a hidden LEGO vault, with the entryway hidden under my bed (although I think the kids would love it.) Some ideas are still achievable and realistic, like a majestic front stairway. But over the years, the dream for "secret" or "hidden" have faded. And then I saw this.

This company will build a secret passageway in your house.

Posted by INSIDER design on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Could you imagine how cool this would be? The child in me has lost my mind as thoughts of "hidden stairways to sneak into the kitchen for that late night snack" have come back to mind. Oh, and you MUST have a hidden room or passageway behind a bookcase, right? So all I need now is a big enough house to incorporate these, and probably some extra cash to hire out this company. I do know a great house or two that I could definitely work these ideas into right here in Cedar Rapids. Anyone care to start a crowdfund page for me?