You can't get away from the ice bucket challenge.  It continues to grow, ferociously, and has already earned millions for ALS research.  But after Charlie Sheen's video, will it all end? Leave it to Charlie Sheen to use the ice bucket challenge as a chance to drudge up the past and turn something good and fun for charity into a vindictive message.  Watch the video and see what we mean.

2 takeaways:

  • The man is clearly nuts, as he's demonstrated in the past so many years.
  • Regardless, the money still goes to a great cause.  And if those he challenges take him up on it, that's a TON of money!

I have yet to take the challenge, and gladly will/would.  However, the trend is kinda passed now, and the charity is more than ecstatic with the results.  We're trying to look for the next big thing.  Stay tuned to see what we come up with...

In the meantime, here's what might be the BEST celeb ice bucket challenge.