Almost time for the Linn County Fair. If you remember a year ago, it got rained out/flooded out.  But they were quick to announce that last year's tickets would be honored at this years fair. So how does that work?We got an e-mail from Heidi Steffen with the fair.  She said the question she's getting most often is...

Are your grandstand tickets from the 2013 Linn County Fair Valid for the 2014 Linn County Fair grandstand events?

Linn County Fair

The answer is 2 pronged, based on what's on your ticket.

If your ticket has a dollar value on it, you're holding a purchased 2013 grandstand ticket, and it can be exchangedat the 2014 Linn County Fair for the exact event or an event of equal or lesser value.

  • For a same event exchange, all you will need to do is bring the hard copy of your purchased ticket with you to the 2014 grandstand event and use the same ticket to get into the event.  
  • If you would like to exchange your purchased 2013 grandstand ticket for an event of equal or lesser value, you will need to bring the hard copy of your purchased ticket to the Grandstand Ticket Booth to exchange it. I.e. Purchased tickets to the Rodeo ($10 adult price) can be exchanged for Chuckwagon Races ($10 adult price).

If you're holding a ticket with "comp" on it, it is NOT eligible to exchange for a 2014 Grandstand ticket. This also includes any ticket vouchers won in 2013.

So what about those "Golden Tickets"?

Any Golden Tickets that were found as part of the 2013 Golden Ticket Scavenger Hunt will be honored at the 2014 Linn County Fair. You must have the original Golden Ticket and turn it into the Grandstand Ticket booth during the fair to get your free pair of Grandstand Tickets.

Hopefully that helps clear up the confusion.  Happy Fair Season!  We'll see you out there!