Only in Your State came up with a list of some bizarre experiences that every true Iowan has had at least once, and we want to know how many you can check off your list! Also, if you can think of any things that should be ADDED to the list, let us know!

  • You've partied in a cornfield
  • You've stopped to buy sweet corn from a farm
  • You've seen the Iowa State Fair Butter Cow up close
  • A bunch of bikers have taken over your town during RAGBRAI
  • You've hid in a basement during a tornado warning (or sat on your porch to watch, like me!)
  • You've waved hello to a total stranger (because you're IOWA NICE!)
  • You've enjoyed the delicious taste of Puppy Chow
  • You've attended an Iowa Caucus, or at least experienced the craziness beforehand
  • You've had to explain how awesome Iowa is to an out-of-stater!

Check out the rest of the list HERE, and then let us know how many you've experienced!

[Only in Your State]