No doubt your kids got more than enough candy this Halloween. My son Chase brought home a bag like I've never seen before. Yes, it's OK to let them keep some of it, but there is something more important that you can do with all that candy. Send it to our troops.

Operation Gratitude is an organization that helps say thank you to our men and women serving in the Armed Forces overseas. They're too busy fighting for our freedoms to trick-or-treat. But you can donate your extra Halloween candy to the cause. You don't even have to separate it! For more information on how to donate your extra candy, just head to the Operation Gratitude page on Halloween giving. One thing to remember is that your package needs to be shipped no later than November 15th.

I can't think of a better way to get rid of all the extra Halloween candy. Talk to your kids about where their candy is going. I'm guessing after you explain it to them, they'll want to help you mail it off! Our service members will love it!


[via Operation Gratitude]