Do you play the dreaded "phone battery game"? You know, when you guess just how much battery your phone has left at certain points in your day? You leave the house at 100%. You're at 87% by mid-morning. Down to 65% by lunch. The drive home you're wondering how the heck is my phone down below 35%? If you're an iPhone user, you've got to remember to...close those apps!

It doesn't slow things down, but it does drain your battery. If you're curious at what apps are sucking the life out of your phone it's really easy to check. Just go to 'settings', and then 'battery'. Scroll down the page and it will list the apps that are using the most battery life in the past 24 hours! Here is a look at mine this morning.

 It not only saves your battery but it cuts down on the amount of data you're using too! Check yours out soon and find out how much less of your battery you could be using!