It's Monday. Like many, I have no energy or motivation after a great weekend.  And then I found a surprise in a desk drawer...and the world gets a whole lot better, at least for :30 sec.

It's good to leave little surprises for yourself.  Stuff tucked away for a rainy day you forget about, then come across when least expected, or that random $20 you find in a pants/coat pocket.  The little things in life.

Today's surprise was finding my last Samoa/Carmel d'light Girl Scout Cookie.  I always buy one box at cookie time.  And this year, my kids attacked mine, so I had to buy another and leave it at work, tucked away in a drawer.  I savor them, but thought I'd finished them weeks ago.  NOPE!  Surprise!  Sure it didn't last long, but a little "pick-me-up" for a Monday is never a bad thing.   Here's hoping you have a similar moment this week.