Your chance to win $1,000 during Mega Money May continues twice every weekday!  If you're caller 25, you WIN!  And who wouldn't love an extra grand sitting in their bank account.  If you ask most of us what we'd do with $1,000 many of us would have at least a few practical answers:  pay bills, save some, give to charity.  Those are all fine things to do with extra money.  Here are some "fun" ways to spend your grand!

- Ultra Portable Sleeping Bag.  Only $319!

- An Inside Out Swimsuit.  Just $83!

- Sleepy Hollow Goggles.  A bargin at $175

- Electronic Charging Backpack.  A mere $130

- Underwater Glider.  Only $295

- and my personal favorite....Beef Jerky Underwear.  Only $139.

Just a few options, all priced UNDER $1,000!  Make sure and listen for the Mega Money May cue to call for your chance to be a $1,000 winner!  And don't forget to enter for a chance at $10,000 from i107-1!